New Drywall & Drywall Repair

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 The Distinctive Difference


Drywall is absolutely one of THE HARDEST things to get right.  We are consistently called in to fix the "repairs" of others.  At Garcia Handyman Services, we do drywall right, the first time every time.  

The Drywall Contractor You Can Trust.  

Because we have seen so many bad drywall jobs and been called in to fix them, it might seem silly, but drywall has become a passion of ours.  We want your house to look as awesome as we want our house to look.  And in our house we surely do not want to be able to see the seams of the drywall or where the texture differs from one place to the next.  


In fact, we see this done badly SO often that we even wrote an entire blog post about the drywall process, so that whether you do it yourself, bring in another company, or hire us, you at least known what to expect when you are getting drywall work done at your house.  Hopefully, that empowers YOU to make sure the job is getting done right.  You can read all about the drywall process here.    


Don't forget- unlike most drywall companies, we have a happiness guarantee.  So you can hire us with total confidence that we WILL get the job done right.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We are finishing our basement ourselves, but just don't want to do the drywall. Can you do that?

Absolutely.  And we get it.  It's a dirty, painful job, but somebody's gotta do it.  Here's the thing: we're happy to do it and we'll get it DONE quickly.  When we do your drywall, it WILL be the best Return on Investment you can get. 

Q. We're about to put our house on the market and there are little drywall nicks and holes everywhere. Can you come fix them all?

Of course.  We call this a walk-through drywall job.  We can come through and patch nicked corners, nail holes, that place has a hole from when the kid ran the scooter into it, and any other imperfections you don't want potential home buyers to see.

Q. How long is the drywall process?

Q. It totally depends on the scope of the job.  If it's a patch, it depends on how fast he mud can dry before we move onto the next step, generally we can get it all done in one day.  If we're drywalling your new basement, you can generally bet it will take between one to two weeks.  

Some Drywall Work We've Done:

Here is an example of the kind of drywall work we've been called in to repair.  The left picture is what the first handyman did.  The right is after we cut out their work, hung new new drywall, tape & textured it, then painted the whole ceiling.  Only then, did it look like there had never been a patch at all.  

Need Some Drywall Work Done at Your Place?