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 The Distinctive Difference


Carpentry is our passion.  We LOVE doing custom work.  So whether you need damaged wood fixed or built-in cabinetry, we show up with innovative ideas, tremendous skill, and a passion that proves we love what we do.  

We know that custom carpentry speaks volumes into the functionality and style of your home.  

Fine carpentry can add so much value to your home.  Even so, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune for fine carpentry.  We have had the privilege of doing all kinds of built-ins; from storage dinner benches to custom closets to a custom theater room, we love helping you customize your home.  We are able to take ideas that may be only in your head and turn them into beautiful pieces.  

That's why we have become Castle Rock's favorite carpentry service.  

When you hire Garcia Handyman Services, you can rest assured that you are hiring someone who knows and loves what he's doing.  Charlie has had the privilege of mentoring under one of the best fine carpentry shops in the Western hemisphere.  At Garcia Handyman Services, your satisfaction with our service is our top priority Read more about our happiness guarantee here.    


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We hate the current setup of our living room wall, Can you totally re-do it?

Absolutely.  When more than just carpentry is what required, you know you've found the right company.  We demo, tile, drywall, and do custom carpentry.  We love turning your less-than impressive areas into something you can brag about.  

Q. Do you do custom cabinetry?

We would love to.  In Charlie's dream world, he would have a workshop in which he did nothing but custom cabinetry.  But in reality, it requires a large workshop and that's not something that we have - yet.  We can do built-ins in your home (think shelving, closets, entertainment centers), but actual cabinetry is not something that we are currently set up for.  

Q. What does your schedule look like? When can you start?

Q. We can usually get someone out to your house to talk to you, measure, and get an idea for what you want done (a free estimate) within a couple of days.   After that, we will email you an estimate and if you want to move forward, we will get you on the schedule as soon as possible.  This timeframe always depends on our current work load and the scope of the job you want done.  

Some Custom Carpentry Work We've Done:

Custom Carpentry

In this theater room, we got to do all of the custom woodwork that you see in this picture, plus the rounded drywall and the indentation in the wall.  See more here.

Custom kitchen bench
Custom bench

In this house, we had the opportunity to make custom-pull outs for a handicapped man so that he could actually access the good in his pantry.  See more here.

Need Some Custom Carpentry Done at Your Place?