Basement Finishing

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The Distinctive Difference


Unlike many other basement finishing companies, Garcia Handyman Services is sensitive to your budgetary needs.  Our experience and creativity allows us to provide affordable options for homeowners without sacrificing quality of work.  

We take care of finishing your basement in a way that meets your budget, providing you with peace of mind.  

Need a helping hand finishing your basement? At Garcia Handyman Services, LLC, we’re all about quality and service. Our expert team of craftsmen are ready to handle any type of basement job - total finishing, remodel, or enhancement.  

We Work with You - However You Want

We've worked alongside homeowners helping them DIY.  We've re-done outdated basements and brought them back into the 21st century.  We've handled the pieces of finishing the basement that a homeowner just didn't want to do (such as just drywall, or just framing floating walls).  We've also handled basement finishing from top to bottom, A to Z.  We pride ourselves on outstanding workmanship and total professionalism. And we make it our business to listen carefully to your needs and then respond with the skill, efficiency, and expertise it takes to get the job done right.

Choose the team you can trust to complete your basement remodeling quickly and effectively. With the help of Garcia Handyman Services, you’ll be enjoying the beautiful, functional basement you deserve in no time. Call today to learn more about our range of capabilities and to schedule your free estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you finish a basement, top to bottom?

Absolutely.  Our in-house staff have a wide variety of skills: from framing (floating or regular walls), drwalling, trim, installing windows and doors, trim work, tiling, installing flooring, and more.  When installing new plumbing and electrical, we will always call in a quality, proven, licensed electrician and plumber to do the job for you there.  

Q. I can finish my own basement, but don't want to do the drywall. Can you help with just that?

Absolutely.   We get plenty of calls where homeowners are handy enough to do it all themselves, but just don't want to deal with drywall.  We are happy to come in and drywall after you've finished framing, and then hand it all back to you.  The drywall process usually takes a minimum of one week.   

Reach out for a free quote.  We'll come in and measure everything then give you a price based off of the number of sheets of drywall required.  

Q. How do you charge for basement finishing?

Every single basement is different.  We come in, measure everything, get your plan from you, whether it's in your mind or on paper and then get to work putting together a custom quote. 

We will look at: 

  • Price of materials
  • Linear feet of framing needed
  • Sheets of drywall
  • Trim and doors
  • Flooring
  • Tiling
  • Electrical & Plumbing fixtures
  • Any other details that you want 

Because of the amount of work that goes in to each estimate, our turnaround time on the estimate istself is usually around 2 weeks, though we strive to get it to you as soon as possible.  

Q. Are you a licensed contractor?

Actually, we are not.  We are a handyman service and in the state of Colorado, there is no way to even be licensed as a handyman.  However, we are fully insured and have finished many basements to code (yes, they've been inspected by the Town and passed).  The main difference between working with us and a licensed contractor is that 1) we charge less and 2) you would need to pull the permit, as a homeowner, if you want the town to come and do inspections.  

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