How to Paint Like a Pro

We recently decided to re-paint a bedroom in our house.  It used to be our son’s room and now our 2 little girls share it.  Here’s some pics as well as a how to.

The Before pic:

kid roomb4







It was striped – blue/brown/white wall.  The other 3 walls were white.

Our vision was to do a chair rail around the middle, gray on top, and purple chalkboard paint on bottom.

This is how you paint the perfect line like a pro.

First, tape.  If you pull the tape taught like in this photo, it’s easy to tape out the right line.















After the tape is down, you caulk the seem like so (needed: painter’s caulk and caulking gun):








Just a little caulk is all you need.  After caulking, swipe your finger across the seem to seal it:








It will look like this:








Then, you just need to use a damp rag to wipe away the caulking on the wall:








So that it looks like this:








Now, paint away.  The one thing you need to know is that this tape is best removed the same day.  If you wait too long, the tape could begin to pull the paint up with it and that defeats the whole purpose of having these perfect lines.

Here’s a pic of our ‘helpers’:








And here’s some after pics:
















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