How to get marker, crayon, ball point pen & more off your walls

When I had my 2nd child, I though she was a handful.  I thought, boy, she is going to be a leader!  That girl knows what she wants!  Yes, it makes parenting a challenge, but she’s gonna be awesome.  Then I had my 3rd child, another little girl 17 months later.  For about 3 years, she was a shadow of her big sister (does anyone know what I’m talking about?).  You couldn’t really see HER, her personality, her likes or dislikes, because she was the lil sister.  She just followed.

And then she turned 3.

Oh, Lordy, hello baby girl!!  She emerged.  And my “strong-willed” 2nd kiddo was just practice for this one.  WOW!

So one of the things she loves to do that I CANNOT figure out how to stop is DESTROY.  She colors on EVERYTHING!!  She 2016-02-04 18.17.07also breaks just about everything (thank God her daddy is the best handyman in Castle Rock, last week, she ripped the princess mirror out of the wall that was hung with drywall screws).  I literally had to walk away from writing this a minute ago because I heard her taking a small hammer to our new countertops.  Ahhhhhh!!!  (Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing – she loves like no one I’ve ever met – she brings me so much joy, just not in the destruction department, THAT is not joy that she brings me)


Anyway, so to the point – the title of this post – How to get marker, etc. off your walls.

She, not too long ago, sharpied my closet door.  She drew our family in cute lil 3yo stick figures

And then signed her name as best she could (notice the C and the i and the m, hahaha)- so guilty as charged.

door sharpied

Her drawings of our family – adorable. It being on the door, not so much.

I mentioned this to my amazingly awesome pre-school super-teacher and she said, “I have something that will take Sharpies off your walls.”  And she proceeded to hand me this and told me to wet the rag, rub a little bit of the paste on it, and start scrubbing (granted, the rag actually looked clean before it took on my sharpie, crayon, pen, and pencil all over EVERYTHING- Sorry Heather!):


2016-02-04 18.15.06

2016-02-04 18.15.23

So, disclaimer, this amazing Norwex cleaning paste does NOT say it’s for wood, and now I know why:

The cute lil stick figure is almost gone.

The cute lil stick figure is almost gone.

The top was scrubbed with some Norwex magic, the bottom was scrubbed with rubbing alcohol.

The top was scrubbed with some Norwex magic, the bottom was scrubbed with rubbing alcohol.

It did wear away at the varnish on my door a bit, but we plan on either painting or getting new doors anyway, so I’m not super stressed about it.  After seeing what it did to this sharpie (I’m super convinced that if this door didn’t have the indents of the grains in the wood, it would have come completely off), I decided I needed to try it on the rest of her artistic shenanigans around the house.


So I tried it on her desk (why did we buy her a white one?!)





desk colored2016-02-04 15.18.38Check that out!!! AWESOME!!!

And I figured I might as well try it in the crevices of the bead board – what an awesome place to color, right? (UGH!)

bead board dirtybead board clean


I’ve got no skin in the game with the Norwex stuff, but I do seriously recommend it!  If you know a Norwex distributor, and have kids, call her!!  And if you don’t, I can hook you up with my awesome friend.

Alright, so now, I’ve shared with you my secret for getting kids doodles (and more) off your walls.  Do me a favor: tell me what on earth you have done, as parents, to STOP this kind of behavior.  All tips, tricks, and psychological tips welcome!  🙂