Getting your home ready to sell

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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell!

You’ve m1653565_592455850831122_605450714_nade the big decision to place your home on the market and you want to make sure it sells quickly AND gets the best offer!

The first thing you need to do is to get a fresh set of eyes to look at your home.   A fresh set of eyes is important because there are little things we’ve lived with that we just don’t “see”, but the buyer will.

The 4 R’s!

Do a walk-through with your realtor, a handyman, an honest friend and/or a home inspector.   This will help you get a checklist together of items that need to be Refreshed, Replaced or Repaired.

Then, Rank the items on the list that will have the biggest impact.    Keep in mind some repairs might not get you a bigger return on your investment, but may make the difference if a bank will lend money to your buyer or not.

I found there are certain people I needed on my team when selling my homes: 

Realtor:    Your realtor is a great resource for doing a walk through to give ideas on visual repairs, home staging and curb appeal.

Handyman:  Hiring a handy-person for a single day is often enough to take care of a whole list of repairs.

Home Inspector:   A pre-inspection before you put it on the market can help you be ahead of the game by repairing major items that might keep the bank from lending money to your buyer.

Honest Friend:   We all need that one friend that will tell us like it is!  If you give them permission, they can tell you of the things in your home that have caught their eye for YEARS, but were afraid to tell you! And then you can recruit them to help you.

Most repairs can be categorized as minor or major repairs.    

Minor:  Touch ups, dry wall repair, painting, curb appeal, steam clean carpets, polish hardwoods/tiles (instead of replacing), repair or replace outdated or broken light fixtures, update cabinet knobs & door knobs, refresh deck with new paint or re-seal it, fix small cracks in concrete.

Major:  Roof repair, major electrical or plumbing problem, deck repair, major concrete repair and foundation issues.

I wanted to give you an example of my list when we were putting our 3 houses up for sale gathered from my own visual inspection, my realtor’s suggestion, my handyman’s suggestions and that one brutally honest friend that had the biggest impact:

  • Applied a fresh coat of paint to the front door. This made a huge difference!
  • Repainted strongly colored or dingy walls with a neutral shade of paint, such as off-white or beige.  I loved my accent walls, but the consensus was paint them!
  • Repaired cracks, holes or damage to plaster, wallboard, wallpaper, doors, paint, and tiles.  We found a lovely hole in my son’s closet that he hadn’t told us about and I didn’t realize the damage my dog’s claws made on the window ledges.
  • Steam cleaned carpets/tile and polished hardwood & tiled areas.  (Do not ignore the grout around tiles).
  • Repaired and replaced outdated or dripping faucets and showerheads.
  • Re-caulked our bathroom sinks, shower and bathtub where it had started to peel.
  • Spruced up our kitchen with new cabinet knobs, new curtains and a coat of neutral paint.
  • Checked the foundation, steps, walkways, walls and patios for cracks and crumbling or staining.  Had some nasty stains from where my potted plants had been sitting.
  • Repaired and repainted loose siding and caulking.
  • Make sure doors open/close smoothly.   Our back door ‘stuck’ a lot.
  • Inspected the plumbing, heating, cooling, watering and alarm systems.
  • Put pretty plants in front yard and on front porch.

Once you have your list, the next step is to decide what work you are going to do yourself and what you would like a pro to do!

We wish you the best in selling your home!

Kim Brown,  Garcia Handyman Services