When people ask us what we do, we say. . . 


We are a company developed out of a care for our community and frustration with people having horrible handyman work and service.  We are the developers of a happiness guarantee.  


We would love more for you to read more about us so that when we meet with you, it can be all about YOU.

Angie & Charlie

When people ask us what we do, we say. . . 

We have a family-owned handyman business based out of Castle Rock.

But what we really want to say is. . . 

Hi!  We're the Garcias, the owners and founders of Garcia Handyman Services.  We work with homeowners who: 

  • Love jobs done to a perfectionist's standard
  • Hate incomplete and unreliable work and workers.
  • Need home improvements and repairs.
  • Are ready to turn a fixer-upper into an updated, gorgeous beauty.
  • Crave professional and friendly service. 
  • Can't figure out how to DIY their own drywall patch, bathroom reno, basement finish, or other home improvement projects.
  • Struggle to hang a picture straight (haha - no worries, we don't judge!!)
  • Secretly yearn to be handy
  • Are looking for a go-to handyman they can call for anything.  
  • Desperately want to work with someone who can give them real answers, honest opinions (even if it means that they don't make as much  money), great suggestions, and reasonable prices. 
  • Are totally over contractors and handymen who don't return calls, do a sloppy job or don't finish the job.  
  • Are totally into supporting a local, family-run business.
  • Are totally ready for an upgraded, modern, beautiful, totally-me home.  
  • Want to renovate their home while making it feel like they're working with best friends or family  - No really - many of our clients have us on speed dial and text back and forth with us any time they need something 

And what we really love to do is: 

Give back by:

  • Volunteering at local schools
  • Supporting impoverished children around the world by helping them get an education
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and business owners - because we believe that thriving businesses support a thriving economy and a thriving community.  
  • Volunteering at non-profits that support the local homeless and needy (let us know if you'd like to get involved, this is sooooo rewarding).  

We've got: 

  • 5 Years serving Douglas County as its favorite handyman (and wife!!)
  • 20+ years of industry experience (all Charlie, Angie is SOOO not handy!)
  • A passion, maybe craziness, for perfectionism honed in a fine carpentry shop (Again - Charlie!)
  • 20 years of customer service experience (Finally! Angie can pat herself on the back!)
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 And when we're not making your place beautiful or volunteering, we can be found: 

  • Camping with our kiddos
  • Sweeping our floors to clean up the fur from our TWO!!! Saint Gernards (Blame Charlie!!!  Whose brilliant idea was it to get 2 of them?!) 
  • Watching whichever series we are currently addicted to on Netflix - binge style.  

If you're dying to know more, here are a few things you don't know about us: 

  • Angie has lived in Castle Rock (minus time at college and a couple of adventurous years in Mexico) since 1992 - pre-outlet mall!!  The closest mall that her and her friends had to drive to was either Southglenn or Cherry Creek!  Young people - imagine a world without Park Meadows!  Gasp!
  • Angie wanted to learn Spanish since the 4th grade, took classes for 9 years, but wasn't fluent until she started dating her hunk of a boyfriend - now husband- whom you know as your favorite handyman (Charlie!)
  • Charlie has always been called Charlie by friends, parents, family even though when Angie met him and he told her his name, her answer was, "no it's not!"  Ok, so his name is actually Carlos, but no one has ever really called him that. Weird, we know.  
  • Our family has the most ridiculous combination of names (everyone but Angie has 4, not 3).  We blame it all on Hispanic culture.  No one gets it.  Want a lesson in Hispanic surnames?  Click here.
  • Probably not a surprise at this point, but we are a bi-cultural, bi-racial family. 


Interested in Working With Us? Call us at (303) 800-3373 or